Promotional Products


The Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter are two of our customers. These are some of the promotional products we created for them.

We’re more than just mugs and shirts; we’re the solution to your promotional advertising needs!

Under the name Transformed Promotions (powered by The Vernon Company), we market promotional advertising-based solutions for churches, ministries, and corporate identity needs, including

  • promoting new products or services,
  • community outreach,
  • improving marketing and branding efforts,
  • increasing sales and brand awareness,
  • building customer and donor loyalty,
  • improving safety and morale, and
  • thanking or recognizing customers, supporters, and employees.

Burke Buchanan has represented The Vernon Company since 1992, but it’s really a family affair. Ken Buchanan, Burke’s father, worked for Vernon for 37 years starting in 1964, and his grandfather, Richard Buchanan, for 47 beginning in 1951! Richard Buchanan, who was a member of Gideons International, a published Christian author, and man of God, had this perspective on the promotional products industry when he would pray before Vernon sales meetings: “Lord, let us help teach businesses to learn the value of giving.”

What did Richard mean about the value of giving? Unlike any other form of advertising, the person who receives the branding item is grateful for what they receive. Promotional products have intrinsic value, and they add value to any business-customer relationship.

The Vernon Company designs, manufactures, imports and distributes an unlimited selection of quality promotional products covering these major product categories:

  • apparel,
  • business gifts,
  • drink-ware,
  • writing instruments,
  • office accessories,
  • church supplies,
  • calendars,
  • magnetic products,
  • awards & recognition,
  • kitchen utensils and knives,
  • trade-show materials, and
  • graphics and decals.

(To view these items and more, visit my Vernon website.)

Transformed Promotions, powered by The Vernon Company, is the place to go for any business, church group, or ministry to find unique and creative ideas for their branding needs. As manufacturers and importers, Vernon has developed its own exclusive product lines that are not available from other companies. That means you’re not limited to the same promotional products offered by everyone else. Burke Buchanan’s unique history in the industry gives him the product knowledge and supplier contacts needed to pass on the best prices and service to you.

Over the past century, The Vernon Company has been recognized as one of the largest and most successful promotional product firms in North America, allowing us to service clients all over the United States. They presently employ 250 account executives, 135 administration and production employees, and serve over 35,000 customers from the Newton, Iowa, corporate headquarters and two subsidiary companies located in Missouri and New Jersey.

The next time you need branding items, or you want more ideas on how to market and promote your church, business, or ministry, please send me an email at

~ Burke Buchanan


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