Revised Store Hours for the Holiday


We’re so pleased to help each customer find the perfect gifts for their loved ones! Customers tell us daily that they can’t wait for their kids, spouse, parent, or friend to make their first cup of coffee in their transforming mug. Or they’re excited about the kids opening a box of Bible-based graphic novels. The list goes on and on.

This week, our store will be open on Wednesday to help you finish that last-minute shopping. We’ll even ship your gifts for you for free for purchases over $30. However, we’re closing a bit early on Friday 12/23/16 (at 6pm) so we can travel to be with our families. We’ll remain closed through the New Year, reopening on Tuesday, 1/3/17.

We hope to see you this week! However, if you’re too far away to join us at the store in Tallahassee, please take a look at our online store, which is open 24×7. (And, remember, shipping is free for purchases over $30.)

May you enjoy this Christmas season with your friends and family!


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